Staying Sane during Stress Interviews!

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  • Feb 16, 2017

As the interview season progresses, students meet me with many fears. Some are afraid of not getting through, others of being attacked on their academics and so on and so forth. One common fear I find among students is "Woh mera stress interview na le le. Mujhe bahut grill karenge woh".

This post is aimed at allaying some of those fears which people have regarding the dreaded stress interview.  Pehli baat ye,  if a panel is taking a stress interview of yours, then rejoice! Yes, you read right I said rejoice! There is a reason for the same.

Students usually assume that a stress interview happens because the panel wants to rip them apart for some mistake of theirs. Not that that does not happen, but you need to understand that if a panel is "grilling" you it is not because they have hatred for you or because you have claimed something that seems unbelievable. Most B School Professors are far above such petty thoughts. They have a reputation which precedes them and their stature and dignity is far above such behaviour. 

Then why on earth do professors take stress interviews? The answer is simple- they are really interested in your candidature and they want to shake you thoroughly to evaluate if tomorrow you would be calm and composed enough to take tough decisions under extreme pressure. Ever seen M. S. Dhoni or Captain Cool? Ever seen him get stressed? Never! Such decision making and calmness under pressure is what makes a true leader and manager more than any Finance or Marketing course!

A stress interview helps evaluate if a candidate is a good potential leader or will wilt under pressure. The biggest sign that an interview panel is not interested in you is if they ask you mundane questions. For example, if they ask you questions like "Do you like the weather in Pune/ XYZ City of Interview?", "You have come from Lucknow. Tell me what good food joints are there in Lucknow?" etc, it is usually ( not always) a sign that they are not interested in your candidature.

So, next time you face a stress interview- Rejoice!!! Your candidature is being taken seriously!

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