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  • Aug 18, 2017

It is that time of the B School admission season when students approach us, asking us which forms to fill and which not to fill. There is no single answer which we can offer you, however there are some broad guidelines which can be offered to a student who is filling these forms. This post deals with  top 35 B Schools of the country.  In case you are targeting a B School apart from these feel free to consult us, we would be glad to guide you. Some general guidelines.

  • Fill as many forms as possible. The counter argument we get is that it is an expensive process and takes a lot of money. Well here is the real deal- When an MBA in India is going to cost you a good 10 to 18 lakhs, spending 20k on forms is totally worth it. An MBA is a life long investment and spending some money filling forms  will hold you in good stead in the long run.
  • Tick all programme options in the CAT form. The IIM’s are not going to be charging you a rupee extra for all the extra courses you tick nor are you going to be penalised for the same . Life is all about the off chances you take. Once you get  a final convert you can always choose if you want to join it or not
  •  Fill at least all of CAT/XAT/NMAT/SNAP and IIFT. Whether you fill the TISSNET or MH-CET is a choice you can make based on your personal interest but we insist you fill all of these 5 bellwether national level entrances


This post shall detail which all colleges you need to fill under each of these  5 major National Level Exams and also deadlines for each of them

CAT 2017

B Schools to Apply to under CAT 

CAT is the mother of all B School entrances in India and almost 25 of top 30 B Schools in India accept the CAT Score

Colleges to be filled under CAT apart from the IIM’s (not in any order)

  •      FMS, Delhi
  •      MDI, Gurgaon (all 3 programmes are excellent, PGPM, PGP-HRM and PGP-IM)
  •      SP Jain, Mumbai ( the PGDM programme is excellent)
  •      NITIE, Mumbai (PGDIM and PGDISEM are through CAT)
  •      IIT Bombay
  •      IIT Delhi
  •      IMT  Ghaziabad (  PGDM)
  •      IMI Delhi (PGDM)
  •      FORE School of Management (PGDM and PGDIBM)
  •      MBA (Business Economics), Delhi University South Campus.
  •      MBA Financial Management), Delhi University South Campus 
  •       MBA(IB), Delhi University North Campus
  •       MBA(HRD), Delhi University North Campus

IIFT 2017

  • Registration Status: Open
  • Last date to fill the form: 15th September
  • Exam on:  3rd December
  • Fee :  Rs 1550/- for General and Rs 775/- for SC/ST
  • Hyperlink:

Institutes included: IIFT Delhi, IIFT Kolkata and IIFT Kakinada


  •    .  Registration Status: Open
  •       Last Date to fill the form:  October 3rd
  •       Last date for late registration: October 14th
  •       Exam date :  October 5th to December 18th
  •       Fee: 1800 plus taxes 
  •       Fee for late registration: 2000 plus taxes
  •       Hyperlink:


Institute Recommended: NMIMS Mumbai.  Since 5 score reports are free you may  also fill MISB, Bocconi, Mumbai campus and Xavier's University, Bhubaneswar.


  • Registration Status: Open
  • Last Date to Fill the Form: November 24th
  • Exam on: 17th December
  • Fee: Rs 2065/- plus Rs 1180/- per programme
  • Hyperlink:

Programmes and Institutes to apply to under SNAP: SIBM, Pune (MBA) and SCMHRD, Pune ( MBA)


XAT 2018

  •     .  Registration Status: Open
  •        Last Date to Fill the Form: November 30th
  •        Exam on: 7th January
  •        Fee: Rs 1650+ 300 per programme at XLRI
  •       Hyperlink:


Institutes Recommended: XLRI- For the PGDM(BM)   and PGDM(HR),  and XIMB Bhubaneswar. SP Jain, Mumbai’s  PGDM Programme is also recommended for  those with a strong profile. SP Jain accepts both CAT and  XAT apart from the GMAT.


Other B Schools:  People with a passion for service may fill IRMA through CAT/ XAT. Those interested in Marketing may apply to MICA through CAT/ XAT or the MICAT. MICAT details would be out by mid September. Further, HR aspirants should definitely apply to TISS and MDI(HR)




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