What NOT to do in last 2 days!

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  • Nov 23, 2017

Everyone will tell you what to do on CAT day, I would like to warn you on what you Should NOT do in Last 2 days. All of you will know all this, but still this bears repetition seeing how often people do stupid things under pressure.

1) Do NOT Eat street food/ hotel food/ consume drinks etc. the days before:- Unless you want to spend more time in the washroom than in the exam hall

2) Do NOT write a mock in last 3 days:- Unless you want to get a nervous breakdown if you get an unexpectedly low score the day before

3) Do NOT use drugs/ sleeping pills etc without medical supervision: Unless you want to sleep through the exam

4) Do NOT do anything out of the ordinary the day of exam:- A brilliant student consumed 3 RedBulls before his CAT on a friends advice. He spent half his exam in the loo and the other half having nervous palpitations

5) Do NOT apply Mehndi/ anything that obscures your fingerprints: Traditions achche hain, but CAT ke baad

6) Do NOT listen to rumours:- About paper leaks and such nonsense that comes up every year. DO what is in your hands, which is giving the exam a good whack

7) Do NOT ignore reading instructions:-  Question pattern may change. We had a bright student attempt Odd one’s out as Parajumbles without options last year as he didn’t read directions. J

8) Do NOT feel scared: -  A bit of nervousness is natural for any well prepared candidate. It shows you have worked hard. However when you walk into the exam hall have the swag of a person carrying a baseball bat in a crockery showroom..

Lastly one thing which I would recommend you DO!

9) Watch a lot of comedy movies in the next 2 days. My personal favourites include Delhi Belly, Welcome, Dhamaal  etc. Watch whatever is your favourite. However ensure you aren’t laughing your heart out at 4 AM on the morning of the exam. SLEEP ON TIME.

Do Well, Pray to your Favourite Gods/ Aliens/ Marvel Superhero and Kick Ass!



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