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    The Three Types of CAT aspirants who will surely fail

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  • Jul 07, 2018

Every year as mentors we see students of different types. There are those who will surely succeed; those who would fail and then succeed; and those who would fail repeatedly. We don’t worry too much about the first two categories. We know they will find their way sooner or later. But the third category- those who are sure to fail- are always troublesome. Here we have identified the three categories and suggested potential remedies. See if you fit in any of the categories and work on remedying the same

1) The Social Media/TV Series addict:- This is the person who is glued to his smartphone 24/7. Before I have posted this article on Facebook I can expect a reply from this person. He( This addict  is usually male) is online even at 2 AM and replies with neologisms like “lul” and “rotfl” for every minor social media post.

Apparently there also is a rather dubious streaming website called Netflix which too takes a lot of this person’s time. He would know everything about Stranger Things, Friends, Suits and Game of Thrones. But do not expect the slightest comprehension of Algebra or Numbers from him.

Remedy: In such cases going “cold turkey” is the best solution. “Cold Turkey”  is a  form of quitting in which you quit something abruptly and not in a phased manner. Sell your smartphone and disconnect any forms of internet connections- 3G, Wifi, Dongle etc.( This person usually has multiple ways to connect to the internet). Wait, did you just say “the internet is useful for studies. Why should I disconnect it”.  Stop, pause for a moment and dil pe haath rakh ke apne aap se poocho-“Am I really being honest to myself?” You will get the answer

2) The Overthinker/ Deep Learner:- This person has seen all CAT papers from early 1990s, has talked to seniors in IIM Ahmedabad about hostel facilities, knows that the mess food at IIFT is good, has even downloaded MICA papers  and knows XYZ profile is offered at ABC B School and not the others. He spends more time day dreaming and much less time working. This person is also a social media addict but a more serious one.

Remedy: If you can recognize yourself in this category, the solution is simple- Socho Kam, karo zyaada. Each time you find yourself day dreaming/ wasting time give 100 rupees of your  disposable income which you use for luxuries to your mother.  Instruct her to give the lump sum back to you only if you crack a Top 15 B School. You also need a plan. A SMART goal based plan. In short one which is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. Even better is to set daily targets a month in advance and put 1000 rupees away with your mother if you fail to meet them

3) The Overtrier/ CAT  nahin likhungi dobara/ Do or Die:- This is a slightly uncommon category and is usually a girl. Such a person (usually one who hates her job) works 6 hours a day on CAT after putting in a 9 hour stint at work, sleeps just 4 hours and is perpetually stressed out. This person is the opposite of The Social Media bum. While the Social Media bum fails due  to laziness, this person burns out before the exam and cries profusely afterwards. Remember when you tell yourself it is do or die; the outcome is usually death. You will crack under the stress on exam day unless you change your attitude.

Remedy: CAT is not UPSC. You need adequate rest and recuperation. Let go of guilt. Use reason  not emotion. Reason will tell you- rest is necessary. Ensure you sleep at least  7 hours. Take 1 day a week off. After a prolonged period of study take a holiday


So that is about those who would fail. In case you have any other queries, mail at I would reply. Alternatively comment below for an answer.


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