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    NMAT: The Inside Dope

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  • Jul 17, 2018

NMAT is one of the most lucrative exams among B School entrances. It also has one of the most convoluted examination procedures amongst all B Schools. Despite that it remains a popular exam. Here I am taking up some often asked questions about NMAT.


Q 1) When is the Last Date to register?

A) The last date is October 3rd 2019. There is also late registration till Oct 14th 2019


Q 2) Is there negative marking?

A) No there is no negative marking.


Q 3) Is the test adaptive like the GMAT also conducted by GMAC? ( In an adaptive test, the difficulty increases with every right answer and decreases with every wrong answer)

A) No, it is not adaptive


Q 4) What are the fees?

A) A regular registration costs   Rs. 2000+taxes. A late registration costs Rs. 2500+taxes


Q 5) How many attempts are allowed?

A) You can attempt a maximum of 3 times. Each time you need to pay the test fees.


Q 6) How many attempts must we target?

A) One. Unless pitajee ke paas bahut paisa hai.


Q 7) Do we need to apply to NMIMS Mumbai separately?

A) Yes, you need to apply separately.  Applying to NMIMS Mumbai costs about Rs. 1500 in addition to filling the NMAT


Q 8) In case we retake the exam do we need to apply to NMIMS again?

A) When I mentioned in the beginning that it is a lucrative exam I did not mean you would get a huge salary on passing out. It is lucrative for the GMAC and NMIMS. In case you write the exam thrice you need to apply to NMIMS separately thrice. Thus you could easily fork out more than Rs. 11000 in case you write the exam thrice.


Q 9) Is there an option to reschedule the test?

A) Yes, in case you want to, there is an option to reschedule the test for Rs. 1100+ taxes


 Q 10) What are PGDM and MBA in the form? Which one is good?

A) MBA is the programme at NMIMS Mumbai. PGDM’s are run out of Bangalore and Hyderabad.

NMIMS Mumbai  is a top 20 programme. The PGDM’s are still new and upcoming programmes.


Q 11) Should one apply to PGDM now?

A) Unless you have very specific reasons to go to NMIMS Bangalore or Hyderabad there is no need to apply now. The applications are reopened later on and kept open for a long period of time. At least that has been the trend in past years with no foreseeable change expected


Q 12) Which 4 other colleges should we choose to report our scores to as we can report 5 scores for free?

A) Any. None of them feature in any top 30 list. We do not recommend doing an MBA from a sub 30 institute.  Exercise your best judgement


Q 13) Is NMIMS, Mumbai expensive?

A) Yes, the academic fees ( which does not include accommodation or food) is about 19 lakhs. Mumbai is an expensive city to live in. The programme will set you back by a  good 25 to 27 lakhs


Q 14) Should one still apply to NMIMS Mumbai?

A) Yes one should apply to NMIMS Mumbai. It has a legacy, locational advantage, good professors, exposure and decent placements. However it should not be a first choice B School.


Q 15) Why should it not be the first choice B School?

A) Every year I see some indolent imbeciles target NMIMS as the first choice Business School as CAT is “too hard”. This is unwise

 First, CAT has become easier. Secondly CAT is accepted by at least 15 Business Schools as good as or better than NMIMS thus ensuring greater chances of selection. Thirdly if you aim for a top 5 institute you will be motivated to work hard. This would ensure admission in at least a top 15 institute. When you begin with  an institute ranked in the 15 to 20 bracket you will relax and end up at a very mediocre place.

However do apply to NMIMS Mumbai. It remains an excellent college with  a legacy of over 37 years.

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