The Best Strategy for IIFT!!

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  • Nov 26, 2018

Usually I shy away from using the word best  but this time I am convinced “Best” is the right word to use. What I shall be sharing in the following paragraphs will help ANY student significantly improve his/her number of attempts. So read carefully!

First the basics. IIFT Entrance is a 2 hour exam which has featured 118 to 123 questions in the past years. Usually there are four sections( GK, DI/LR, QA, VA/RC) with four sectional cut offs. However in IIFT 2017 there were SIX sections ( GK, DI, LR, VA, RC, QA) with sectional cut offs for each section. So, ensure you read the directions before you start. The strategy I shall detail is a THREE ROUND strategy which needs to be followed carefully. Here Goes

ROUND 1(20 minutes):

The two sections in which you are either sure of the answer or have no clue absolutely are GK and VA. Your target is to attempt all the questions you know in the GK section in a maximum of 5-7 minutes. 

Sitting and staring at GK questions won’t give you the answer. Educated guesses are fine, blind guesses are not. After GK give a maximum of 10 to 12 minutes to the VA section. This is also a section where you either know or don’t know.

Objective of Round 1
Clear sectional cut offs  of VA/GK in minimum time


  • Do not start  reading GK books or memorising vocab at this stage. 
  • For both GK and Vocab solve MCQs. Solve a minimum of 500 MCQs of GK in these 5 days. 
  • The same is true for vocabulary. 
  • The one who buys a GK book at this stage is an idiot. Any preparation should be through MCQs

ROUND 2 (80 minutes – 20 minutes to each remaining section)

In this round you should give 20 minutes each to RC/DI/LR and QA. This will ensure you clear sectional cut offs. Stick to 20 minute time limit strictly. Every year IIFT has at least one section which is relatively easier. You should also identify those sections.

Objectives of Round 2

1) Clear sectional cut offs of DI/LR/QA/RC

2) Identify easy sections for later score maximization


  • DO NOT read those 2000 word RCs. 
  • That is a sureshot way of never getting to any other section.  
  • Solve the RCs the same way you used to solve your CBSE RCs
  • First skim through the passage in 2 minutes maximum. Then read the questions first and search the passage for key words. The following may be used for effective search through a passage
  •        Words which are extremely long. E.g if a passage has a 14 letter word Eutrophication-it cann easily be spotted. 
  •         Numbers or years. E.g “1970s” or “28 presidential candidates”. 
  •         Proper Nouns. Proper Nouns begin with Capital letters and can be found easily
  • LR in IIFT has largely has been classical LR not LRDI  like the CAT and hence you can do at least 2 3 sets. 
ROUND  3 (20 minutes): 
These are the most critical minutes meant for score maximization. Give these to the easiest section you found.  You can also go back to any question in any other section if after score maximization, time is left!


1) Score Maximization


This is the very strategy that has helped many of students  as well as yours truly  :) to ace the IIFT  Entrance in the past. J

Good Luck. For any doubts call me!



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