The Never Ending List of Questions and their answers

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  • Aug 27, 2019

1)How to Fill Percentage in CAT form?

Ans) For  most boards including CBSE the formula is 9.5*CGPA. E.g. If your CGPA is 10 your percentage is 10*9.5=95%. Do crosscheck with instructions on your marksheet


2) Which all courses to tick in CAT Form?

Ans) Tick ALL Courses. If you are eligible you will get a call. If not no harm done


3) Which all exam forms should we fill?

Ans) We recommend 5 and only 5 forms to students- CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP and IIFT. Currently only CAT,NMAT and SNAP forms are out. IIFT will be released on September 9th

In case someone is clear he/she wants to pursue HR then he/she should fill up TISSNET also


4)Should One Fill SP Jain or not?

Ans) SP Jain looks for AT LEAST 2 of 3 things.

a) Relevant Work Ex. (E.g. If you are an Engineer applying for finance specialization will make ZERO sense. )

b) Top Tier Undergrad brand

c)Excellent marks.

If you meet all 3 criteria, then please apply. If you meet only  1 criterion then reconsider!


5) How many attempts should one target in NMAT?

Ans) Only 1. If you think of two attempts before even writing the first attempt you will perform poorly in the first attempt for sure


6) Which all college forms should we fill?

Ans) Right now you need to only fill up above 5 exam forms. All forms are open till November third week at least. Right now focus on Mock Tests. By October end your mock percentiles would stabilise. We would have form filling sessions for you at that stage where you would be advised colleges based on your then mock percentiles.


7) Which all IIT’s accept Non Engineers?

Ans) Among the top tier IITs, IIT Delhi and IIT Chennai accept non engineers


8) When should one start GK preparation?

Ans) As soon as possible! ( First priority should remain aptitude)


9)  In SNAP form which all courses/colleges should one tick?

Ans) If you are targeting a top 20 college fill only SIBM Pune and SCMHRD Pune. If even a top 50 college will do then fill SIBM Bangalore and SIIB Pune. Both are good colleges


10) Which all courses should we fill in SNAP?

Ans) Usually the flagship programmes are the “MBA” programmes” for each college under SNAP. Other programmes may or may not have a placement week for students or provide similar facilities. Crosscheck with the individual college’s website

Please comment any questions below, will add them to this list and update the same!!

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