5 Stupid Things Students Do in the Last 2 months

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  • Sep 23, 2019

CAT is exactly two months away and I think this is the right time to point out some test prep decisions which many students get wrong year after year.  Here are some typical mistakes made by students in the final two months of CAT

1)NOT Writing and Analysing sufficient numbers of mocks: This is self explanatory and I have repeated the same in class ad nauseam. Ideally in the last two months , one should write a good 10-15 mocks.  And more importantly analyse them seriously. For better understanding on how analysis should be done refer this https://www.ankganit.in/blog/25

2) NOT getting enough sleep: This might sound funny but there is one category of persons who always perform poorly on D Day. The Underslept. CAT Is an aptitude test. And chronic sleep deficit is closely related to poor performance on Test Day. What is the right amount of sleep? There is no fixed answer! Varies person to person. Ideally one should not have to set an alarm to wake up. J . But then ….. without that many of us would start Kumbhkaran Seva!

3) NOT giving enough time to GK: IIFT, XAT and TISSNET all check GK. The problem with most students is that they wake up to GK the day after CAT. And guess how many days away IIFT is? Just 6 days!! It is impossible to improve GK in just 6 days.

If you do GK consistently just 30 minutes every day you would not have to face this crisis situation. Don’t forget in extremely competitive exams GK can make a huge difference

4) NOT taking care of your health: Yeah I know I sound like your Mumma while saying this but health is most important. Every year around this time students either fall ill/ suffer accidents.  Samples

a) An Outstanding student who regularly topped CALL CATs could not write CAT because he fractured his leg the DAY Before CAT.  Tragic

b) Another hard working girl from a middle class family caught typhoid and spent three weeks convalescing.

Ensure you eat uncontaminated food, drink safe water, avoid two wheelers etc.

5) NOT Realising that CAT>Work as a priority: The joke goes like this. A Boss drives into Office in a new Lamborghini. His employee exclaims “Wow new car”. The Boss replies “if YOU work hard, take few leaves, and do YOUR best I will  buy one more Lamborghini next year”

 I might not be being the most ethical person here in suggesting this but one person cannot be at two places at the same time. CAT demands undivided attention in the last phase and short of getting fired you need to ensure as much time as possible is devoted to CAT. And also Bhai tere hone na hone se company band nahin ho jayegi. Someone else would do the needful. You are not the CEO. And unless you do an MBA you probably will never become a CEO. So focus on CAT

There are many  more ways students ensure they don’t perform at peak potential but these are the most common! Good Luck! Ask any questions below!

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