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  • Oct 12, 2019

 OK! This is going to  be a long post which will require your undivided attention for roughly 30 minutes. Which means most of those who start this article would be incapable of finishing this. Would you count yourself among those who are incapable of concentration or among those who can concentrate for 30 minutes?


Ask again before you continue!  If you fall in the second category read ahead!!  

( Note: This blogpost has a lot of hyperlinks. FINISH them as they appear BEFORE you read further ahead)

My original intention when I wrote this post was to

a)     Explain How to analyse a Mock Test and

b)     List common mistakes students make in the last few days

       Then I realised I had already done the first Here and The Second Here.

        Do not proceed unless you have already read the above blogposts. Read them and only then proceed!

        At this time most students face some of the following problems 

       1) Time Management 

       2) Panic 

       3) Stress 

       4) Loss of Confidence/ Overcoming Fear

      What follows are some unconventional techniques which I have used and wiser men and women have used to improve productivity and do better. Here goes

      1)    Time Management: The first one is the POMODORO Technique which I have discussed earlier. You can find a detailed video here idea is to give a 25 minute uninterrupted and distraction free stretch of proper focus followed by a 5 min break. It is very important to time both the break and study stretch. Note: For CAT aspirants I would recommend a 45 minutes/ 10 minute stretch

          2)  Panic: Do you panic during mock tests? Yes! Most of us have,at some point of time.  What follows is the BEST Solution to panic attacks. Have you heard of US NAVY SEALS? They are elite Commandos of the US Navy. The kind who stormed Abottabad and killed Osama Bin Laden.   I hope you don’t think your mock CATs are more stressful than that kind of situation. Well they use the 5*5*5*5 technique. The technique involves four steps

a)      Deeply breathe for 5 seconds

b)      Hold your breath for 5 seconds

c)       Exhale for 5 seconds

d)      Stay exhaled for 5 seconds ( without breathing)

Repeat 3 to 4 times.

I understand this might sound absolutely cheesy but just try this once. You will feel the difference. I repeat. Do not reject this with the typical millennial attitude that “It is just deep breathing”. It is absolutely much more than that. Remember “Men among men” use this technique. Try it

3)         Stress: The best two strategies I would recommend for stress management would be

a)        Listening to Music . Not Heavy Metal!!! I personally prefer stuff like this. It is a Buddhist prayer Choose whatever works for you.

b)       Going for a 30 40 minute daily walk in a place with trees/ vegetation. It is absolutely amazing. Try it

4) Loss of Confidence/ Overcoming Fear:  Sample these two quotes.

“To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If not pretend you are.” – Muhammad Ali

“ A lie told a thousand times becomes the truth”- Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister of Hitler in Nazi times.

What Muhammad Ali elided was that it is not just enough to believe, you must also work your butt off and give it every ounce of your sweat and energy.

Being the best doesn’t necessarily mean being a 100 percentiler in CAT. For me a moderately talented student who gets a 95 percentile is more of a champion than a High IQ person who gets a 98 but whose potential was 99+. Be the Best you can be. Tomorrow, don’t leave room for regrets. Especially that you could have worked harder.

Believe in yourself and back yourself. Noone else will. Noone.  Watch this video. Just the first speech of roughly 10 minutes. Gave me goosegumps. {Explicit content alert}

Lastly this quote by Ali which I keep coming back to.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” – Muhammad Ali.

I concur 100%. Good Luck! Make Every Minute count

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