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  • Jan 02, 2017

    A lot of you would be getting detailed advice on what to DO. But sometimes the best way to achieve success is to be sure WHAT NOT TO DO. If you eliminate the possibility of failure you will surely succeed. So here are 10 things you should do to avoid failure.

1. Sleep on time: Do not oversleep/ under sleep/ drink Redbull etc. if you normally don't do that. Sleep a good 8 hours. Sleep is essential for good performance in any mental activity.

2. Reach on time: Each year one or two of our students miss their CAT because they started late/ arrived at the wrong centre/ Got confused between two similarly named centres. Sometimes one roll number in a sequence may be in a different centre nearby. It is not just shocking for the student but heart breaking for us also. Cross check and reach well in time.

3. Avoid Panic: Darr Sab ko Lagta hai. Have you seen Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Ever noticed how he remains calm during most critical times? The reason is simple. He knows how to absorb pressure. If you see a DI/LR/RC Set where you are in trouble, do NOT panic. Shift to the next set. (For calming down there is a very simple breathing technique used by US Navy Seals( Commandos) . It is called the 4*4*4 technique. But hey this is not a Yoga class so google for more details :).)

4. Avoid the Bouncers: No not the bouncers you meet in clubs but the cricket ball bouncers! In cricket a wise batsman would usually duck a bouncer. Similarly CAT is NOT about doing difficult questions, but finding all easy questions and doing them. There are no extra marks for doing difficult questions!

5. Avoid having a fixed strategy: Do not assume if you are strong at DI and weak at LR that you would do only DI and not LR. For all you know in the actual test DI may be Tough and LR easy even by your standards. Ensure you see all questions and read them them once at least. Same for VA/RC

6. Do not Fall in Love: Do not fall in love with tough questions. If any QA/ VA question is taking more than 4 minutes immediately move to next question. Mann main jo khayaal aata hai, bas 1 min aur main solve ho jayega usse avoid kijiye. Anything which takes even a second beyond 4 mins- leave for later. You can always come back.

7. Do not assume same CAT pattern would continue: While it is likely same pattern may continue, be ready for any shift mentally. Remember at the end of the day wohee Quant/LR/DI/VA/RC hai which you have been doing for months together. So change in pattern won’t make much difference.

8. Do not Leave TITA type questions without looking at them properly: Last year in CAT in LR/DI TITA type was much easier than those jinme options the. See all questions.

9. Do not Leave DI/ RC for last 5 minutes: In DI most peoples’ brain freezes in last 5 mins and they make calculation errors. If your ability in them is average or above finish them before the 55th minute mark. And RC toh 5 min main read hi nahin hona!! So do these earlier

10. Do not doubt yourself.

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