Management Lessons from Dangal

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  • Jan 06, 2017

 The recent Aamir Khan starrer on the lives of Mahavir, Babita and Geeta Phogat was not just a brilliant movie but also had some excellent management lessons for all MBA aspirants. One needn't be a Dhaakar girl or a Haanikarak Bapu to appreciate all that Dangal has to offer; everyone has something to learn from Dangal. Here are a few key management and life lessons from Dangal.
1) Sometimes a perceived weakness can become an opportunity: When Mahavir Phogat has daughter after daughter he thinks he is unlucky and he would be unable to fulfil his dream of winning a gold medal for India. However it is when they beat up the local boys who abuse them that he realizes that they could potentially be the ones who achieve his aspirations. As an MBA aspirant you may have always done poorly at Math and have Maths phobia. But you can make this weakness your opportunity and with sufficient guidance and willpower it can very well become your strong point.
2) Extraordinary situations demand extraordinary adaptations: When Geeta and Babita are repeatedly beaten by their cousin as they are physically weaker, Mahavir adds chicken and non veg to their diet despite theirs being a vegetarian family. The outcome is in their getting stronger and beating even male wrestlers. Similarly if you are performing poorly repeatedly at a section like Verbal Ability the solution might not lie in more testing but in going back to the table and reading classics and non fiction works from diverse fields extensively.
3) The greater the goal, the greater the sacrifice required: While Geeta Phogat wants to win a gold at the international level on going to Patiala she gets distracted , grows her hair and gets busy in make up and shopping. The end outcome is that she fails miserably at what she set out to do i.e. win a medal at Sydney. Jakarta and Moscow. It is only when she cuts her hair and makes sacrifices such as waking at 5 AM that she succeeds in her objective of winning a medal at the international level. CAT Prep too demands similar diligence and similar sacrifices.
4) Play your natural game: If you are an attacking player remain an attacking player. As said in the movie ,” Trying to make a Dravid out of a Sehwag results in the player being neither a Sehwag nor a Dravid”. Similarly copying someone else’s attempt strategy really doesn't help. It is always better to play your natural game.
5) Avoid overconfidence: The loss the Australian opponent suffers is purely due to her overconfidence. She would have been well served if she had remained a bit cautious in her match against Geeta Phogat. Her overconfidence led to her eventual loss. Similarly an aspirant needs to be on his guard till the last minute of the exam even in his strongest section
6) Family comes first: While the cousin of the girls Omkar is shown as a comic character, he supports both Mahavir and the Girls in a self-effacing manner in every endeavour right from getting repeatedly defeated by the girls and not taking it as an ego issue, to going to the National Academy at Patiala along with Mahavir to support the girls, he demonstrates how family members always help out in times of crisis. Similarly all of us have family members and friends who stand by us during the toughest days also.
7) Finally behind every successful girl is a father who believed in her: While this wont qualify as a management lesson it for sure is a life lesson. Both Geeta and Babita win because of the belief of their father in them. This is true for almost every MBA aspirant who might have a brother or a sister, if not a father or mother supporting them.


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