12 Commonest Errors in Filling CAT 2020 Form!

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  • Aug 11, 2020


10 Commonest Errors While Filling CAT 2020 Form

Filling the CAT 2020 form is a simple task, yet students often have doubts on form filling. I shall try to address the 10 commonest errors made by students and doubts faced by them in this blogpost.

Error 1: Entering wrong name or Date of Birth. Your name and date of birth should be EXACTLY as they are in your CLASS TENTH MARKSHEET. Any discrepancy in this can lead to serious consequences

Error 2: Exchanging Photo and Signature. This might seem silly but some students actually end up uploading photo in signature’s column and signature in photo’s column. In recent years CAT has not offered a review window. Making this error can also lead to serious consequences.

Doubt 3: How do we enter Delhi University as there is no “University of Delhi” option.

Answer: In the dropdown box please check “Delhi”. “Delhi” stands for University of Delhi

Doubt 4:  Do we need to include optional subjects in percentage calculation?

Answer: The CAT form explicitly states that ALL SUBJECTS need to be counted regardless of Board Regulations. Thus if you had Computer Science as an optional subject in Class 12th apart from 5 subjects, you need to calculate your percentage including the marks you scored in Computer Science

Doubt 5: How to convert CGPA into Percentage.

Answer: Please check your marksheet. It will have conversion formula. Different Boards and Universities have different formulae. Traditionally CBSE and University of Delhi follow a multiplication factor of 9.5. GGSIPU traditionally follows a multiplication factor of 10. If no multiplication factor is given by your Board/ University use 10.

Ex 1. If you have only 5 subjects and have scored 10 CGPA in class tenth in CBSE. You will do 10*5*9.5=475 in TOTAL MARKS. And MAXIMUM MARKS will be 5*100=500

Ex 2. If you have 5 compulsory subjects in which you have scored 10 GPA, one optional subject in which you have scored 9 GPA and optional subject is not counted by your board in calculating CGPA your calculation will be as follows. [(10*9.5*5)+(9*9.5*1)] =560.5. You will need to round this off 560.50

PS: Assumption is your board has conversion formula of 9.5. In absence of conversion formula use 10

Doubt 6: The input box is not accepting my percentage.

Answer: After entering total marks and maximum marks, your percentage needs to be filled in, in the format nn.nn. Thus you need to round off to two decimal places. In example 1 above you will enter (475*100/500)=95.00%. In example 2 above you have to calculate (561*100/600) which works out to 93.41667 which you will round off to 93.42%

Doubt 7:  How to enter Honours Degree?

Answer: In CAT Form there is no provision to enter Honours. Ex. If you have done B Com (Honours) you need to enter B. Com

Doubt 8: I want to enter my internship/ part time work ex. How to do it?

Answer: In the CAT form to enter work experience following criteria must be met

1)   It must be full time paid work experience

2)   It must commence AFTER your graduation

3)   It will be counted till July 31st  

Thus the following do NOT count as work experience: Internships, Trainings, Projects, Articleships including CA Articleship, Part time work experience, work experience gained during graduation even if it is a correspondence degree

Doubt 9: Which all programmes do we select?

Short answer: Please tick ALL programmes.

Long Answer: IIM’s will call you for an interview ONLY If you are eligible. I don’t want to reveal this but for the record FPMs are Ph.d Equivalent programmes and PGPEMs/PGPXMs are Executive programmes.

Based on the above how many of you decided not to fill FPMs/ PGPEMs? This is why they say a  little knowledge is dangerous. Engineers are also eligible for FPMs. FPMs at IIMs are very prestigious programmes. While cut off of work ex. for PGPEM/ PGPXM ranges from 3 years to 6 years.

So the lesson is why eliminate choices at this stage especially when you can do it later. Please Tick ALL Programmes

Doubt 10:  Which test centre to choose especially for Delhi NCR?

Answer: You need to fill 6 options. Whichever city you are filling from, check if a convenient nearby city is available. Example, mercifully this year NCR has been broken into 7 parts Gurgaon, Noida, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Greater Noida and Delhi. Earlier it could happen that someone from Gurgaon could be allocated Greater Noida as a test centre on choosing Delhi NCR. This would mean waking at 5 AM and leaving at 6 AM for 9 AM slot as you need to reach an hour early at least


Please read this blogpost carefully and make no mistakes in filling your form! If any AnkGanit student still has a doubt feel free to call me!



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