Online Support

Have a doubt at 2 AM? Need to watch a concept taught in class again? AnkGanit ensures complete online support 24/7 with the following features

  • Hundreds of online videos on concepts which you can access 24/7.
  • Video explanations that are simple and easy to comprehend
  • AnkGanit Android app for practice, sectional tests and Full Length Call CAT’s with over 260 Tests including 20 Call CATs, 5 Call XATs, 5 Call IIFTS, 5 Call NMATs, 5 Call SNAPs and 220 sectional tests
  • Faculty available 24/7 for doubt solving and queries via Whatsapp, Email and phone
  • Discussion forums which feature puzzles, brain teasers and vocab short cuts and memory tricks
  • All past years papers of XAT/CAT/ SNAP are available on the website
  • Various PDF’s, Quant formulae booklets, shortcuts and tricks which can be accessed instantly
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